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Le Trousseau Provençal

Services Value increase of the property

Our concierge service Le Trousseau Provençal offers you services to increase the value of your property. The objective of these services will be to improve the potential of your rentals. We implement changes that will increase their attractiveness and make them stand out in a very competitive environment.

Maximising the occupancy rate and striving for additional income for the owners will be the challenge at the heart of this service.

Development of short-term rental

The development of short-term rental, is the transformation of accommodation into a furnished rental for which stays can vary from one day to several months.

The particularity of this type of rental is that it does not give the tenant the possibility of residing there, it is thus a transient rental.

The development of short-term rentals will allow you to find new sources of income, while avoiding the risks associated with traditional rentals. This type of rental is demanding, it requires great availability... but do not panic! That is why we exist!

Optimising the profitability of your property to ensure new income!

If you have properties or outbuildings that you would like to turn into short-term rentals, our concierge service Le Trousseau Provençal is here to help you with the process.

We make an appointment free of charge to examine the property you wish to rent, as well as the environment in which it is located. We then determine whether the project is feasible.

If the project is feasible, we will come back to you to draw up an estimate of the steps to be taken.

Get professional help to optimise the profitability of your property!

Improvement of the property

The objective of our service is to seek maximisation of your rental property’s profitability.

Maximum profitability requires two criteria:

  • Increase the rental price or the occupancy rate
  • Reduce the costs associated with the accommodation

To increase the price of the accommodation it is necessary to improve its aesthetics, to offer better quality equipment or to change the layout (furniture) of the property.

A professional brings his/her expertise to optimise your rental!

In order to reduce the costs of the property, it is necessary, among other things, to renovate the property energetically.

Our role as a concierge service will be to provide a simple diagnosis of the overall condition of the accommodation and give suggestions for improvement.

Le Trousseau Provençal supports and advises you to have an attractive property.

End-of-season review

Our concierge service offers an end-of-season review for each accommodation. At the end of each stay, the tenants are asked to complete a short statistical survey on the quality of their stay and their experience in the accommodation.

These surveys help to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the accommodation and thus determine what needs to be changed, improved or maintained.

Feedback from your visitors allows you to optimise the profitability of your property!

From the moment you call on our concierge service Le Trousseau Provençal, we carry out this work systematically and free of charge for all accommodations and provide a report one year after the beginning of our collaboration.

Our concierge service puts its expertise at your service to improve the performance of your property over the years.

Conduct and follow-up on house renovations

In the event that you wish to carry out work in your home, our concierge can support you in this process, we discuss the nature of the work you wish to carry out and any specific requirements desired.

After that, our concierge service will find the workers you need within our network, follow up on the appointments and transmit the completed quotes.

Our concierge service coordinates the workers responsible for carrying out work in your property!

Then, upon validation from the workers, we coordinate the property renovations and send progress reports to the owner.

Using the service of Le Trousseau Provençal is ensuring controlled and qualitative house renovations.

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