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Le Trousseau Provençal

Services Cleaning & maintenance

Whether it is for the interior or exterior maintenance of your rentals, our concierge service Le Trousseau Provençal takes care of everything! We will keep your property in perfect condition and provide the highest quality of cleanliness between each rental.

Regular cleaning

We take care of the professional cleaning between each stay, we provide a qualitative cleaning of your interiors and ensure the maintenance of your exteriors.

While cleaning, we also check the good working condition of the household appliances and any possible damage to your property.

Quality cleaning by a professional!

Having a clean property is paramount to getting positive reviews and ensuring the profitability of your rental, and our concierge service takes care of that for you.

With Le Trousseau Provençal, it is the guarantee of presenting a clean accomodation in perfect working condition.

Rates « Regular cleaning »

  • Unit cost
  • € 45,00 excl. tax
  • € 55,00 excl. tax
  • € 70,00 excl. tax
  • € 90,00 excl. tax
  • € 110,00 excl. tax
  • € 130,00 excl. tax
  • € 150,00 excl. tax
  • Consult us

Small maintenance & Repair

In the event that we notice signs of wear and tear or in the event that your property has suffered damage during your stay, our concierge service offers to carry out minor maintenance work on your interiors, so that your property remains clean and optimal for the good functioning of your rentals.

We also provide emergency repairs and interventions in the event of a housing malfunction, using our workers’ network.

Our small maintenance includes:

  • Changing the joints
  • Filling in small holes
  • Repainting a wall
  • Changing light bulbs
  • In case of failure, replacement of household appliances…

A single contact person who warns you of any malfunction and fixes it with your agreement.

Pricing is done on a per-task basis. We identify the areas of your home that need to be maintained, take photos of them and discuss with you the services to be carried out. We will then send you a quote for the work to be done and an invoice for the maintenance work once it has been carried out.

By using our concierge service, you are guaranteed that your property will be kept in perfect condition.

Outdoor maintenance

Our concierge Le Trousseau Provençal offers to maintain your outdoor areas when necessary. We keep your natural areas alive and your infrastructure in good condition, to ensure a pleasant experience for your tenants.

Our outdoor maintenance includes:

  • Terrace maintenance and facade cleaning
  • Maintenance of outdoor furniture
  • Collection of dead plants
  • Watering plants
  • Hedge and shrub trimming…

A passionate service provider to keep your visitors’ exteriors pleasant!

As with small maintenance, pricing is on a per task basis. We identify the areas of your home that need to be maintained, take photos of them and discuss the services to be carried out with you. We will then send you a quote for the work to be done and an invoice for the maintenance work once it has been completed.

Cleaning, maintenance, watering, we take care of all your outdoor items.

Maintenance check

We check for cleanliness, any odours, the general condition of the rental as well as the proper functioning of appliances when your rental has been left for a period of time without activity.

This control can be important for landlords who are not on site, we can make regular visits to bring your accommodation to life and keep it in perfect condition for future rentals.

Regular monitoring of your rental property to ensure that it is in perfect condition!

With positive reviews being paramount to ensuring a good return on your property, our concierge service ensures the maintenance of your rental.

Cleanliness, smells, general condition, we take care of checking that your property is in good health.

Rates « Maintenance check »

  • Unit cost
  • € 35,00 excl. tax
  • € 45,00 excl. tax
  • € 55,00 excl. tax
  • € 65,00 excl. tax
  • € 75,00 excl. tax
  • € 85,00 excl. tax
  • € 100,00 excl. tax

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