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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions in relation to our concierge services? You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you choose our concierge service Le Trousseau Provençal to manage your ads and rentals, we will manage your properties on the different online accommodation platforms.

We then upload your bank details to the different hosting platforms so that you can be paid directly, and, as a result, keep control of your payments.

In the event that the booking of stays is made outside of online booking platforms, we first check whether the accommodation is available.

If positive, we ask future tenants to confirm their reservation request, by sending the owner a check (by post) or a bank transfer for a deposit in the amount of 25% of the total amount of the stay in the name of the owner.

Once the check or transfer has been received by the owner, we confirm by email to future tenants that the rental is indeed reserved in their name.

The rest of the payment will be made two weeks before the start of the stay, always by check or by transfer directly to the owner.

When a stay is booked through online booking platforms, service and cleaning costs are added to the price of the overnight stay. Our commission is only applied to the on the price of the overnight stay.

If we are asked to provide services on a regular basis, we draw up a contract with the owner for a period of one month, which is tacitly renewed, and mutually binding.

The contract may be terminated by either party on the date of expiry of the contract by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Then, the invoice for the payment of the services we provided in the last month will be sent to you. (Warning! if tenants have been found for the months following the termination of the contract, a 15% commission will still be charged for each stay booked).

For occasional services, no commitment period is necessary. A quote will be provided to the owner each time. If the quote is accepted, an invoice will be sent following the services provided.

For regular services (two-party contract), our monthly services must be paid at the beginning of the following month. We will send you an invoice for all services that have been carried out in your home.

For occasional services, an invoice will be sent to you after each service provided.

Today, online accommodation platforms are the best way to promote short term rentals. There are different online booking platforms and none of them pay in the same way.

With the owners' agreement, we broadcast your properties' advertisements on the following platforms:

  • Airbnb : Charges a service fee usually ranging between 3% and 5% of the subtotal of the stay for the owner and an average of 14% on the same stay for travellers.
  • Booking : Charges owners a commission of approximately 17% of the price of the stay.
  • Abritel : Asks owners to subscribe to a annual subscription (249€ including tax for the year or a commission of 8% excluding tax on each stay). The traveller also pays a stay fee of approximately 8%.
  • Tripadvisor : Charges 3% on the price of the stay for owners and on average 12% for tenants.
  • Leboncoin : Does not charge any commission for the owners but takes 6% of the total tenants' rental amount (excluding tourist tax).

When stays are booked on online accommodation platforms, the tourist tax is directly levied, collected and distributed to the municipality by the platform in question.

If the stay is booked outside the online booking platforms, we add the price of the tourist tax to the price of overnight stays, cleaning and any other services requested by the tenants.

Since the total amounts of the stays are paid directly from the tenant to the owner, it is the owner who collects the tourist tax and who must make the payments to the municipality.

The payment of the tourist tax varies from one municipality to another.

Our concierge will remind you when to pay the tourist tax and how to do it.

The receipt and management of the deposit consists of requesting a check in your name or cash in the amount of €250 when you welcome your tenants. We keep the check until the departure of the tenants once the inventory has been validated.

If finding of missing or broken objects or deterioration: deduction of the value defined by the inventory on the deposit paid in cash. For deposits by cheque: send the owner the report relating the damage, signed by the tenant and accompanied by the deposit cheque. It will be up to you, the owner, to pay the difference, if any, directly to the tenant.

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